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New 1st time SV owner - have some questions

We have just added 2 new members to our big and loving family (2 Savannah male kittens). Our family has had numerous pets (including various cats), but we have never had a SV or other exotic cat. With these new kittens, we now have 6 pets in the house (2 dogs, now 2 cats/kittens, and 2 parrets), along with my wife and 3 young boys.

Anyway, I believe these kittens are now classified as F7A (but I'm not sure). Basically the mom is a F6A and the dad is a himelayan - so if I understand right that would make these kittens a F7A - is this correct?

The kittens came from a home where the owners are not breeders. They have a variety of pets and they said this litter was actually unplanned. They have registered papers for the mom being a F6A. If I am right and my kittens are a F7A, would you suggest getting some registration papers confirming what they - is this important or has any value? If so how would I get such registration?

Lastly, my wife and I are debating whether to neuter the kittens? I'm more on the side of not doing it, as their markings are incredible and I believe there may be an opportunity to eventually find a female SV where we can make some deal with the owner for the new litter. But my wife is concerned if we don't do it - her concerns are that the kittens will wonder far if they get out by accident (which they will, since our boys leave the sliders open quite often), and more importantly she is concerned that they will spray urine all over the place. Any advice / suggestions???

BTW, here are a few pictures of the kittens (we actually will be picking them up in about 2 weeks as they are still on mommies milk). The mom is in the background. The grey adult is actually from a previous litter with the same mom and dad (this was the 2nd accidental litter). We are getting two male kittens which are the darker ones with dark markings).



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Dan, Unaltered males WILL spray. And It will be quite difficult to clean up. But not being an expert, I will leave the real information to the folks who know more.
Savannahs are fun... To say the least. :)


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You probably don't have to worry too much about whether to neuter them. I doubt you'll have them long if you can't provide a safe secure environment.

They will spray if they are not neutered. If you want to be a responsible sv owner, neuter them, teach your kids to close the doors, or find some other way to keep the cats safe.

Don't you think it odd that the breeders claim to not be breeding. Wonder how many accidents they'll have before they get a clue.


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Hi Dan. Unaltered male cats absolutely will spray. They also tend to be much more aggressive and will want to wander. Leave the door open and it will be gone. I had a male Himy that I planned on breeding a long time ago that sprayed on an outlet and killed the power to half the house. How he escaped electrocution, I will never know. He also became quite mean by 6 months. Once fixed, he became a total and complete love bug. In my opinion, neutered male cats tend to be the sweetest pets.

When it comes to the outcrosses to breed to, certain breeds are preferred over others. The ocicats and Egyptian Maus are preferred because they are already similar to a savannah. The Himalayan is one of the worst. The Savannah breed is new and the breeders are still trying to develop the breed. Even outcrossing with a Bengal is frowned upon because you tend to wind up with a long-legged Bengal instead of a Savannah. A Savannah is supposed to be tall and lanky while a Himalayan is short and stocky. The ears on a savannah are large and on the top of the head while that of a Himy are small and on the side. The Savannah has a small triangular head while the Himalayan has a round block head. And of course, there is a rather dramatic difference to the type of fur. Will the kittens be cute? Yes! Will they be to type? Very unlikely.

My opinion is that if you try to breed the boys, you will have a smelly house and backyard-breeder-kittens that are not worth much. If you get them fixed, you are in for a very fun ride.

Pam Flachs

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Welcome, Dan!

Great advice so far....I agree completely with all that was said above.

How old are the babies now? Try to be sure you don't pick them up before they are at least 12 weeks old, eating solid foods and using the litter box regularly. Are you being offered some sort of contract or health guarantee? The kittens should have had at least two sets of kitten vaccines and a vet check-up or two before leaving as well.
The "gray" cat pictured and the two lighter kittens are called "blues", and I would call their coat pattern mackeral striped rather than spotted....

For your question concerning your kittens' generation; yes, F7A is correct. You won't likely get registration papers for them as I suspect the mom was probably originally purchased as a pet...and without breeding rights, so getting her second "unplanned" litter registered is likely not possible.

Your new kittens are very cute and will make great neutered house pets for you and your family!


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Welcome to the forum Dan. I think the above advice is right on. Your boys may start spraying as young as five months of age, and once they start it is sometimes hard to get them to stop. On top of that the urine of intact males is sooo much worse than normal cat pee, it can make your eyes water - not something you want in your house. On top of that, once they start maturing they will do anything to find girls, including mounting your other cats (boys or girls) and looking for every opportunity to dart through a door and start searching for mates. In addition, intact males are competitors, so you may find yourself witness to some pretty nasty cat fights, and some hefty vet bills to go along with it.

Breeding is not for the faint of heart, it takes time, serious commitment, and the proper set-up to house your cats. BTW, intact females spray as well, so that would be three potential hosers in your home.

Brigitte Cowell

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IMHO the owners of the cat ARE breeders, this is not the first so-called "accidental" litter hence if they did not alter the mom they intend to keep breeding the cat.

As to why you might want the papers, well if you ARE paying any sort of money, papers prove you got what you paid costs the breeder very little to register a litter of kittens. BUT as mentioned by Pam, there is a good chance the mom was not sold as breeder hence even if she has papers, they would likely be marked "not for breeding" and they would not be able to register the litter. F7A would be the correct term. Well unless that son from a previous litter is the father and in that case they'd be F7B... and if they didn't alter the mom they likely haven't altered the grown son?

As to eventually using one of these two kittens as breeding male, I cannot imagine ANY breeder wishing to use an F7A male especially one outcrossed to a himalayan! LOL! A himi is about as far in type from the Savannah as possible in the cat world... and hence makes a terrible candidate for an outcross in a Savannah program. So many traits we DON'T want would be brought in with such a cross. Additionally, most breeders are not using outcrossed Savannahs in programs anymore. The aim of our breed is to produce "purebred" Savannahs which are what we term SBT reflecting at least THREE generations of Savannah to Savannah breeding. Your kittens are zero generations hence would only be of interest if they were bringing in some trait that we might want and weren't finding in our current SBT males. To me, their markings are not good, there's more striping on their sides than separated if that is the reason you think they should be used in a program, I don't think you would find most breeders were interested in that.

Your wife is correct, if kept intact they WILL spray and they will wander. Their hormones will take over their lives and all they do will be look for mates... neutering will keep them happily inside as your pets and their focus will be on you and your family instead.

I hope that you will be getting your kittens after they turn 12 weeks old, so have been properly weaned and had two vaccinations and be ready for a new home. You may take on a lot of issues you don't want if you take them too early, not only does their immune system need to develop but their psychological development too...Also do have them microchipped. You mentioned that your boys leave the sliding door open all the time, a microchip will help you if your cats go missing. If they are handed in at a vet or shelter they can be scanned and the owner (you) located.

Congratulations on your two new kittens, I hope they bring you much joy in the coming years :)

Trish Allearz

I'm so proud of the responses on this thread. It shows how educated and knowledgeable our Sv owners and community can be with a bit of work.

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Wonderful responses and accurate information as a owner of a F1A , F2B and a F6SBT. To add, this question could have been answered by your breeder (let's face it back yard "accident" breeder) had a clue what they were doing. I hate seeing people more interested in, the making of money then the advancement of this breed!!!! That being said every life is precious but if I were you I would buy my Savannah from someone that knows what thy are doing and could provide you will more than just a cat andsSomething that is genetically sound.

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Thanks for all the responses. Pritty sure now that we'll have them neutered, being that it sounds like there will be little interest as these being used by breeders.

Yes, we will be waiting until they are about 12 weeks old before we get them. I don't think the current owners will be giving them shots, so we will do this once we get them.

Based on the circumstances, what would you say is a fair price for these kittens? I've seen websites where F7 are anywhere from $1000-$1200. For that price I assume it is more than a 'A' kitten, but in your opinions what would a f7A be worth. Just curious more than anything cause we have already fallen in love with them and will buy them for the price we agreed regardless, but just want to know if I'm getting a fair deal.