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New Camera!

Trish Allearz

Okay, so I'm a little excited, but not sure whether I should be or not...

So far- my last real camera was broken by the Savannahs and I've been using the 6 year old's digital for the last 3-4 months. It's a decent digital, actually, but I mentioned to Hubby that I'd love a real camera and guess what? He got me one for Mother's Day!

This camera is one of those fancy shindigs that has a lens that needs to be attached (woooah- I'm moving up in the world!) and supposedly can take macro photos and all of that craziness. I really want to take advantage of it and really learn all of the intricacies of photographing this crazy breed of cat, but I may end up just using the camera like I've used any other- press the button, say a prayer, and click. LOL.

As soon as the battery is charged, I'll start trying to figure it out. If anyone has any good sites/information/books about taking photos- hey, hook a girl up. I really have no clue with photos- I just snap away until I get pics I like.


Savannah Super Cat
What kind did you get? My son is big into photography. Last year we got him a Nikon D5100 ( I think). He also took photography in HS. I'm lucky if I get everyone in the picture since I have astigmatism. At least with the digital cameras I have a chance. Sue

Trish Allearz

It's actually a Sony- I asked Hubby why not a Canon or Nikon since they are the big names, but he said this one has really great reviews. So far, I'm enjoying it!


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Staff member
Oooh, that's a nice pic for your first try. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with, uhhh, distressed furniture:p

Trish Allearz

Bwahahaha- I know, huh? The sad thing is, Deborah- this is an almost new breakfast nook!!! We knew they'd claw it up- it's made out of that crap leather and not Savannah proof!

Okay, so the camera is a Sony Alpha SLT-57 (I think).


Staff member
Trish, that is a great pic and Abu is really growing - nice legs ;)

Also, glad to hear you have a real camera - LOL!!! My local camera store actually gave me free lessons...

Trish Allearz

Here's two more- Obi in a darker light and Obi and Abu snuggling... I'm really liking this new camera- have to actually take the time to learn about it though.


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