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New couch


Savannah Super Cat
I'm getting new couches tomorrow because simba has chewed my old couches up. He doesn't claw them, just chews on the corners. I put bitter apple spray on the corners (that stuff is nasty tasting) but that didn't stop him. My old couch was leather and had square corners. New couch is micro fiber and has rounded corners. Anybody have any ideas how to keep him from chewing on them. He has plenty of toys.


Site Supporter
Dr. Bronners soap flavor of peppermint. Use it full strength dab it on area. It worked for me .....she actually quit chewing. health food stores carry it. Good luck. Also check Marilyn's book " naughty no more"

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Peppermint makes my F1 crazy drooling and rubbing on it, so would be cautious about whether that keeps a cat away from it or attracts them...may depend on the cat.

Mark, we actually went the opposite way! Our British Shorthair chewed all the corners off our microfiber dining room chairs, and now we have leather ones and he seems to be leaving them alone. Go figure! Hopefully the change in couch will be enough... but you could try double sided is supposed to deter scratching but may not be something he wants to chew either... also you could try different bitter sprays, apart from bitter apple I've seen bitter cherry and bitter rosemary... and some work better on different cats than others. I've had one cat that Tabasco worked best. Good luck!


Savannah Super Cat
I don't know how the bitter apple doesn't work. I touch the the couch where I sprayed months ago and if I touch my mouth with my fingers it's just horrible.
He hasn't chewed any new spots in a long time but he does still chews on old ones because of the batting that's coming out. So hopefully it was because he was teething.


Savannah Super Cat
Vinegar perhaps? my little guy loves water. He seems to think I'm playing when I squirt water t him to get him to stop scratching furniture or attacking the phone charge cords ( I hide them and he finds them grr) I have a second bottle which I have vinegar water in and accidentally grabbed that once. He HATES it. The bitter apple spray seemed to attract him to the cords more. The hot sauce on cords didnt work either. But spraying with vinegar seems to work quite well

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