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New family member an F4 boy

Hi all,

Recently became part of the forum. We have two Bengals one is 12 yrs old and the other one is 6yrs old, now we have added an F4 Savannah boy (Romeo) he is 15 weeks old. He is still in the quarantine room, does not trust us yet. When I try to pet him he hisses but I touch him anyway, our breeder sees you have to let him know that you are in control and that hissing won't do anything, so I guess is just a matter of time and lots of patience and sweet talking.

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you. Oh, btw Romeo eats a lot! way more than our Bengals, we feed them raw. Thank all and is great to be here, I have read a lot of interesting things
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Savannah Super Cat
Hello and welcome :)

congratulation's to your F4 boy - so when Romeo is still in quarantine - it woul be neccessary to spent a lot of time with him together in the quarantine room - talking to him maybe reading a book for him so that he get's comfortable with your voice - play with him an try to get him touching your body - (likely by playing) don't force him by pet or touching when he's not reday - he will show when he gets trustful ...
Try to stay present by feeding the little one so he knows that you are his friend and to built up the relationship - you can also try to give him a bit special cat milk (its made from goat's i think) out of your hand and let him lick it up - so maybe that helps to close up ... and sure it will take time - but sometimes things change faster than you know - could be day's or weeks ... so patience is neccessary.

Also remember that savannah cats in low generations can hiss also as for of communication - when the ears are up and a Savannah hisses it means different things ... if his ears are layed back it is not a good sign (stress) so you may stop whatever you do - if the ears are up it can be also happiness - servals communicate like this behavior and savannah's normally more like normal cats but it could also be otherwise.

Happy cat wishes


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Welcome! The whole control thing is something I don't understand. He just needs time and patience, since he has left everyone and everything he has known! Spend time in the room with him - read to him, talk to him...try using a wand toy to entice him to play, but do not force petting or attention on him - he will come to you. Freeze dried chicken treats work wonders on most cats :) He just needs time...


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Agreed on not forcing him, that will make him see you as a threat. You want him to see you as the bringer of good things, so lots of play time and treats. I'd respect his boundaries if the ears are back while hissing. Hang out in his room while reading something, leave treats nearby, he'll get curious sooner or later and come to you.

John Popp

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Welcome, can't wait to see pictures of Romeo. Reading aloud is always good and a pile of toy mice to toss across the floor while he watches gets the curiosity stoked. Freeze dried chicken is always good (make sure the country of origin isn't China), I get them from as well as some Salmon Skin Treats tied up to look like a bone.

Patience is always the toughest part, and best to make sure Romeo has a strong and trusting bond with you before he meets the other cats in the household. Chances are there will come a time when the posse needs separated and always best when the intervention comes from someone trusted rather than feared.

Good luck, and again can't wait to see the pictures of Romeo!


Savannah Super Cat
Romeo is a cute little boy right now , thanks for sharing some pics - and i'm sure he will integrate fine into the family step by step - it is good to hear that he's improving ...
keep us informed !

Happy cat wishes ...


Staff member
Sorry for the belated welcome. I suspect your breeder's insistence on control is one of the reasons why Romeo is now showing some trust issues. I hope that things have improved since you first posted, please let us know how he is doing!

Remi's Mommy

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I heard all great advice here!!! Just start slow, and eventually you can and will be his best friend. You will be the one he depends on for safety and security , food, play etc. In fact when I take Remi to the vets, once on the table and her head goes right down the front of my shirt and that’s where it stays until he is done. He is a looker!! Good luck with his and remember he is no bengal.

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Savannah Super Cat
I know a lot will disagree and many will be righteous in their responses, but I have always used my bedroom as the quarantine room, it has served me well and they end up sleeping next to their human soon enough. I know how much hell it is before they get used to your sleep cycle but I’m not convinced there is any method that creates the bond that sharing a living space does. Add an air purifier and the litter smell is nonexistent.