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New Forum Features


Staff member
Hi All,

I will list the new forum features later in the week, when I can take a breath, but wanted to pop in and tell you about a cool one...

If you type the @ sign in front of a username, it will tag the user, just like FB - how cool is that?

So if you want to call my attention to something, just type @ admin and I will see it...
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I'm not sure I care for that @ admin. It seems like more work! Hahahah!

No cool- but my like buttons have disappeared with the upgrade :'(
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Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
It seems everyone's have (atleast mine too)! Whatever upgrades are already done, the forum is running much better than it ever has for me (could just be coincidence). Much smoother, and I like the cosmetic and functional changes as well! So far haha. :p


Staff member
I'm not sure I care for that @admin. It seems like more work! Hahahah!

No cool- but my like buttons have disappeared with the upgrade :'(
Your like button is at the bottom - the thumbs up icon...the only thing I can do is go back to only like buttons and not have the others...up to the group


Staff member
I have not been putting a space between the @ and the username and it is still highlighting the name - is it performing a different function when I do it this way?

Testing: @admin --- I just wrote this with the space and when I clicked on your highlighted name it took the space out...
:not sure: