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New here! Just got a savannah kitten.


Savannah Kitten
Hi all! I'm new here. I had a silver F3, Amazu, when I was younger. I learned about the breed when I was in college, and saved up for one over the next five years. He unfortunately ended up passing away at two years of age from FIP. I was absolutely devastated, but I always knew I'd get another savannah.

Ten years later...

We picked up Professor Mochi from Savannarama on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and spent the day driving back home. He's an F4 and is four months old. I love him so much already. He reminds me a lot of Amazu--so energetic, mischievous, and cuddly. It's been a couple days and he's very obviously decided that my husband and I are his people and everything in our apartment is his. He's not wrong though. :ROFLMAO:

We're also picking up a Maine Coon kitten after Christmas (President Mittens), so we've been joking we're going to be full up on luxury cats here soon.

It's lovely to be here!
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Staff member
Welcome and congrats! Paul is a really good breeder and your boy is super handsome! We look forward to more pics soon

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Savannah Kitten
Paul has been great! I'm really glad I got to visit his cattery. Being greeted at the door by a bunch of beautiful cats who all immediately want to sniff you and see what you've brought--heaven.


Site Supporter
He is beautiful!!!! I just lost my 7 month old F5 Akila to FIP!!!!! I am devastated and don't know when or if I will be ready for another one!!!! Please send all the pictures you can:giggle::giggle::giggle: