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New Job! :)

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
Yay!! I have decided to make a big change and stop pursing my business degree.. I am applying to the Occupational Therapy Assistant program for this next fall semester! I also just got a new job (officially yesterday) for a receptionist/tech position at a physical therapy clinic. I know this and my OTA program are different but at least it is the same field. My new boss knows I will be going into the program and seems more than willing to help teach me all she can! I am very excited about this. I am finally excited about school again and I do believe I have found the job that is right for me. I start an Anatomy & Physiology class this semester and I can't wait!

I really needed some good news as the house is taking longer than expected and I have been very upset about the length of time the kitties have been there.. Hopefully only a few more weeks!


Staff member
Good for you! I'm glad you finally found something you can be passionate about!!!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Congratulations! The job sounds perfect for you.

I hope the house is ready sooner than later, so you can enjoy living with your kitties once again!

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
Thank you Pam! I agree! Hopefully we can get the driveway and other concrete poured next week and then just carpet!! If we could just get the workers to come on the days they say they're coming... I don't think they understand (or care maybe?) that there are two scared and lonely kitties stuck there without their humans! It has really started to get to me because our house seems to keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list for these people even though Shane and I have done our best to schedule it out well.. GRRR well there's my rant of the day :big grin:


Staff member
Congrats on the new job! OTs are great and the medical field is exploding...

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