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New Kitten came home with me today.


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Cream PointThe little guy is 8 Weeks and he is part siamese boy. Mom is a Siamese and dad was a mixed Siamese that looks like a Tuxedo.
My boy looks like he might be a Cream Point. But at only 8 weeks we will just have to see. He has dark rings on his tail Like Mokkun and Tetsu had.
His eyes show a lot more blue that this photo is showing, Also he is a cuddlier and
IMG_6053.jpg IMG_6054.jpg IMG_6055.jpg IMG_6057.jpg IMG_6058.jpg IMG_6059.jpg IMG_6060.jpg IMG_6061.jpg


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Oh my goodness, he is a cutie! He looks more like a seal lynx than seal point, but I guess time will tell.
Eight weeks is awfully young though, I hope he adjusts easily, and is fully weaned and litterbox trained...


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Litter box trained and seems to be happy on regular food. He likes to climb on me and talks a lot. We will be at the vet
first thing Monday. They already gave him one vaccine so I'll letthe vet plan the next steps. I do want to go to killed just
like I would with any savannah. One thing I need to talk to the vet about is what is the correct food for him. He was eating
mom's kibble and I don't think there is enough of the right things in that for a growing kitten to be healthy. I agree and would
of liked to see 12 weeks so that he would have a little more size.

It will be interesting to see how his color develops. I can see the faint colors that look like they may be stripes on his rib cage
and spots on his belly/chest under side. he also has a very faint ring around his neck. He looks so much like Tetsu is a bit strange.
Tetsu was a lot later coming into his colors. I think it was closer to 6 months for him and Mokkun was well spotted by them.

We will just have to see. I spend time with him in the bathroom and play until he is tired out and wants to nap. I am making it a point
to spend time with Bella so she does not feel left out.

Ok so here is the funny thing today. He got all upset when I stepped in the shower and he could not see me. If I opened the
door and looked out he was OK with it and calmed down. He came with a bell rattle mouse and I gave him one of the rattle balls
that sort of look like tribbles. he seems to really like them and even picks up the ball and carries it away.

I'll keep you all updated.


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Oh, he is adorable! I love that little black nose! My family always had Siamese growing up, I'd agree that he looks more like lynx point than seal. Glad you got a new addition.


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He sounds like he is adjusting well (except for the shower, LOL). You should keep him on the diet he was on for at least a couple of weeks, then plan to slowly transition him onto whatever food you want him to end up on over a period of a couple of weeks. I would find a good quality kitten food, or a cat food that is formulated for all stages of a cat's life such as Evo, Instinct, or Life's Abundance (there's a bunch more but I'm blanking at the moment) to feed him.


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She had him on Purina gentle in a purple bag. Seems one of the adult cats was on it and he started eating that.
I did give him a tea spoon and a half of Tiki Cat chicken wet and he seems to really like that but I will go slow on
that don't need upset kitty tummy.

Bella was being a bit vocal and when she stopped talking to me I could hear a kitten chiming in after she stopped.


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I can't tell if it's just strips that are a bit broken up of spots.
He is a busy little guy. Sort of an Energizer Bunny. If I go by the
time it took my boys to get good visibility on there is could be 6
months of age for them to really show up.