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New kitten - FVRCP shots 1 and 2

I just adopted a 15 week old Savannah Cat, and she has had her FVRCP #1 , and she is now due for her FVRCP #2. I have read there are certain types of shots/vaccines that can be harmful for Savannah Cats and since I am new to being a Savannah Cat owner, I want to be sure everything done by the vet is completely safe.

First of all, are the FVRCP shots 1 and 2 safe for Savannah cats, and secondly are the only shots/vaccines not recommended for the breed, the FIP and FELV?

I know there are a lot of different preferences out there between modified live and killed vaccines, but I just don't want to let anything happen to her.

I am scheduled to take our kitten in for the FVRCP 2 shot very soon, so any knowledgeable comments regarding those boosters/shots would be greatly appreciated.

Per Lausund

Staff member
I use attenuated live vaccine for mine, Merial RCP ( herpes, calici and parvo) is my favourite. The FIP and FeLV shots? My opinion: only if strictly needed!
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