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New Kitten - Pictures


Savannah Adult
Hi Everyone,
Here are some pictures of our new baby at 8 weeks old. We can't wait to already have him with us in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering if I should start him on a high quality dry food (e.g; Orijen, Nature Variety) or whether I should already start introducing him to high quality wet / raw.



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Animal Communicator
Congrats on the baby! Do you have a name picked out for him yet? There are a lot of varying opinions on food to feed. I started mine on raw from day 1 and she loves it.


Savannah Adult
Thanks Kristin! We haven't come up with a name yet. We will as soon as we pick him up next month.


Staff member
Congrats - beautiful kitten!

You will need to feed him whatever the breeder was feeding for the first month...and then whatever food you decide on , you will transition over...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Congratulations Ezequiel! As Paige says, feed him what the breeder feeds at first then slowly transition to whatever new diet you decide on :)


Staff member
Beautiful baby! As the others have said, you need to keep him on what the breeder is feeding for at least a month until he gets settled in, then slowly transition him to whatever you want him to be on over a couple of weeks. There are differing opinions on what is best to feed - and probably as many threads on this forum if you run a search :)