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New kitten.



My new baby Stark is starting to acclimate slowly but surely. He is a shy kitten. Sometimes when he feels a bit nervous he jumps into his litter box for cover. And then he stays in there for a bit. He has a bed he loves but he still does this sometimes. Any advice on getting him to stop this. Also any opinions on the comfort zone pheromone spray to ease his nervousness. Good or bad. I never heard of this thing till a week ago. If you use it to ease a nervous kitten, do you just use it for a short amount of time or what? thanks everyone!


Staff member
If your litterbox is covered, uncover it. Then put his carrier in the room so that he will use that when he feels the need to hide. The pheromone diffusers work great for some cats, others don't seem effected at all. You can certainly try it and see, but bottom line is he just needs time and patience to adjust to his new home.