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New Kittens

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
My breeder just sent me some new pics of F5C Kittens Golden. I don't have that color yet so it looks like there might be a new member to the ever growing SV family. I cant wait to see them next Saturday when I deliver a new cat scratch tree that I made for my breeder. I get first pic, so excited to see them in person.

IMG959508.jpg IMG959507.jpg IMG959503.jpg

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
You don't have a BST yet? I thought from your avatar you did... great to get to see the newborns, they are so cute in their blind squirmy stage...although personally I prefer them at ~4 weeks when they really get to be FUN! Enjoy!

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Not the nice gold color or yellowish. Tiger is BST when he was younger he went through a stage of a light caramel which was a lovely color and then he got darker as he got older. He has the caramel color on his big belly when he turns on his back. I just cant keep my hands off his belly when he turns over. The shots I took outside show off his color the most in the natural light I think. Tiger was my first Savannah and I got him for free the breeder had to go back to Canada and he was to young to fly so I got him at about 6 weeks old. That started the SV craze for me. I normally have about 8 cats at one time. I rescued five Feral cats from my work when the mother cat was killed by a forklift. They were about 3 months old and very wild but was able to domesticate them and I had them for 16 years so that is when I started with the Savannah's and the rest is history.
DSC_0350.JPG DSC_0243.JPG DSC_0546.JPG


Savannah Super Cat
How cute! I made the mistake of "liking" Kovu's breeder on Facebook. They post pictures of their new litter all the time & every time I'm like "Glennnnnnn! Look at how cute they are!" haha But the answer is always the same. :/