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I assume the breed is less wanting of lap time or was that just my cat?
As Rebecca said, depends on the cat. I have 4 savannahs 2 F2s an F6 and an F1. One of the F2s tolerates me and has been on my lap once in 8 years. The other 3 are velcro cats -- they want to be stuck to some part of my body 24/7. Usually all 3 want to be on my lap at once -- 54 lbs of hot purring spots. I love it.

Mine went in phases. From 12 wks to about 5-6 months -- always on lap. Six months to about 1-1.5 years -- too proud to be seen on mom's lap; 2 years and on -- must always be on my lap.

Good luck with your search for kittens (or as we affectionately call them "shittens") and keep us posted. Those of us who have reached our limit on cats live vicariously through others.

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Thanks, my cat wouldnt sit on anyone, however it did like to sleep near and touching most nights.... it also really like ear rubs for some odd reason.