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New Member saying Hi


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Just been approved for an account here. Own two f3 Savannahs, one female, Spontaneity, and a male, Sampson. Have had both for 4 years now, and are quite the loves.

Spot is quite petite, she weighs in at 9 lbs and is a gymnastic wonder, she's silver with black spots, and quite the cuddlier. Sam, well he's all boy, black with black spots that can only be seen in the right lighting. He weighs in at 19 lbs, and when his wild side kicks in, tis best to be somewhere else.

Anywho, just wanted to say high, and introduce the kids.

oh, here's one of Sam playing with Fae Rae, the chinchilla.



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Thanks for the welcome Pam. Yeah, love all me furry kids. Sam loves playing spank the Chinchilla. Some times he even scores a hit. lmao. He was soo excited when I brought the sisters home, he didn't know whether to play with them or eat them, He's settled on playing, since the chin's are to quick for him.

Spontaneity was jealous at first, she was worried that they were cutter than her. Now they all play well together.


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Welcome dice and all your fur babies! Glad the Savannahs have decided your chins are not for snacking on!


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Thanks everyone. I can't believe it's taken me almost 5 years to even search for a sv's forum. Did so much research and preparation, plus having a fantastic breeder, and all their help. Didn't even think to look. Glad I found all of you.

Wasn't really concerned about the chinn's and sv's, was more concerned about my domestic, Isis. She was saved from the H. Society, and is quite the accomplished hunter, great mouser and bird cat. Her response was, damn, that's on big fraking rat, think I'll pass, She wanted nothing to do with them. It's taken her months to accept them. Now she loves lounging atop the chinn habitat, and taking swipes at the sister's.

The sisters chinn, Bea and Fae, are bonded, and look out for each other, specially big sister Beatrice. If Sampson has Fae Rae cornered, Bea will charge Sam and lead him in a chase, so Fae can find a new place to hide and then charge at Sam. Fact, if Sam can't find where the sisters are hiding, Bea will usually do a flyby, just to antagonize him.

Fraking chinn's can jump at least 5 feet high, and Ricochet Fae, basically bounces off the walls, swear she's a fur covered super ball.

Like I said, it's a Jungle in my room, sometimes. Chinchilla's are also a long lived animal, life expectancy is like 20 years, with some living up to 30. Well, those that don't get made into coats. They are also nocturnal, which the Pride is also. I work swing shift at a Casino, yep, deal craps for a living, and the whole family is on the same schedule.

The cats really love their late night walks. Walking the cat's at 3 or 5 am is sooo easy. Both Spot and Sam are so much more relaxed when no one is out and about, always know when someone is approaching, cause Spot will find a bush and stalk the intruder. lmao. ok, think she's actually hiding. But if a bunny rabbit, squirrel, or bird fly's by, the line feeds out on the leash like a 40 lb king salmon just took the hook, ZiiNNNGGGGG!!! More than once has the leash ripped out of my hand, crap, I just can't run that fast, and I swear Spontaneity, can do 50 mph.

Isis always accompanies us, and love's making fun of the sv's since she's not on a leash. But she does love going for walks, always has. Oh well, just glad I found other crazy cat people ;)


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Thanks Trish, I have been naming my cats after Star Trek pets. So it seemed fitting to name Spontaneity after Commander Data's cat Spot :) And since she was a Spontaneous type purchase, Spontaneity just seemed a natural. The name definitely fits her personality.

She is even in one of my craps calls at work, Every time someone throws a 12 craps, it's "12 craps 12, all the dots and my cat Spot, Kitty Kitty"