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New Mom looking for advice

Anyone have recommendations and/or tips on making your own food for Savannahs?

Also using pre made supplements such as alnutrin, feline instincts, TC feline etc versus purchasing all of them separately?!?!

Where do you source your meat from?

My 2 F3 boys do NOT like pate style food - it needs to look like meat...chunky, shredded, etc.

They currently eat Earthborn Holistics wet food, Solid Gold Indigo Moon kibble (sits out in the open) and we've been experimenting with different store boughten frozen raw. They absolutely LOVE Stella and Chewy's freeze dried tuna and herring flavor and we're getting the chicken & salmon, and turkey flavors today also to try.

I've done a lot of research but people are all over the board and I want to make sure that what I make is appropriate for their dietary needs.

Thank you in advance


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Did you take a look at the recipes on this thread? Premade supplements - you only use one - not mix them...Alnutrin is good as is Mazuri. My cats will not tolerate wildtrax or TC Feline...

I get my meat from Hare Today or (also on FB as rabbits4u)

Mine also love Stella and Chewy's - Chicken and Salmon and Chicken...they also eat Earthborn Holistics and Natural Balance Chicken Catatouille...


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I use human grade meat, primarily Foster Farms whole chicken thighs plus some organ meat (hearts and gizzards) for ground and store brand beef steak and boneless/skinless thighs from Sprouts Market for chunks.

For supplements, I use Mazuri slab for the chunks of meat and Mazuri Whole Prey for the ground with bone. I add in extra taurine and B-12. My SV had issues with her liver last year so I cannot use liver in my ground mix because of the potential issues with vitamin A toxicity. She also had issues absorbing B-12. I found some on-line that has intrinsic factor* so I add that as well. Taurine and B-12 are both water soluable so they will pee out what they don't need.

*Many cats/dogs that are B-12 deficient cannot absorb it so adding B-12 is not enough. The intrinsic factor is a protein that is produced by the gastric glands that allows them to absorb B-12.