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New owner of a savannah cat

Miss p

Savannah Kitten
Hello . My name is penny and I am a proud owner of an savannah cat of 3 weeks he is adapting very well but for some reason he like to nibble or bite my face to wake me up and sometimes during the day I think he's trying to tell me something ???? Does anyone else savannah cat so this ??? Ty


Animal Communicator
Hi Penny, Welcome! How old is your new baby? We would love to see pictures, if you have them.

Lots of people have kitties that have special ways of waking them up. Mine likes to "mrr" early in the morning, and tickle me with her whiskers...usually followed by a kiss on the lips :confused:

Actually, I think there is a recent thread on this topic

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Is the kitty using nails? If not, be grateful. The little stinker is trying to get your attention! Be aware the kitten is in the early stages of training you.


Staff member
sometimes during the day I think he's trying to tell me something ????
I forgot to say Welcome. And he is trying to tell you something -- he's saying, "play with me, feed me, bow down to my superiorness, fetch" LOL. He is merely training you to be his personal servant.

Miss p

Savannah Kitten
We call him BAWS his given name is Boss lol well I guess that name is right on the bottom lol .. He's already trying to be the boss !!! Lol
BAWS will be 4 months old on the 4th of April I would post pics but not sure how to post them from an iPhone ...


Staff member
Welcome Penny! As the others have said, your kitty is just trying to get your attention so that you will play, feed, love on him. I'm sure you will find his behavior included in this video:

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