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New person


Savannah Kitten
My Savannah does not like my GF. All my female friends has no problem with her. She hisses and growls at her shoes when she first comes in. Follows her into my bedroom and swat at her feet as she walks by. Always try to swat and when can pet does a few times then turns on her. Any advice or tricks so my GF is not terrified of my cat?????????


Savannah Kitten
How does your GF react to your cat then? Sometimes the situation snowballs because of the way the person reacts to the cat's behavior...
Well she's 50/50 right now. She scared more because she will be walking and the cat will come running out under the bed and grab her feet so it startles her. When I'm not here she said she's mean and swats at her all the time. But sometimes it's good I tell her to hold out her hand. She does and she butts it and rubs. But then all of a sudden will grab and bite her. I think the cat senses fear and goes with it.


Savannah Kitten
I agree totally that's why I found this site. I seen her playful side and it's not it. She doesn't do it to nobody else except her. If I hide she does it but when I'm around she doesn't. For example when my GF came in today while I was at work. My cat ran toward her and puffed up and hissed. So I gave her my spray bottle of water I use to get her off the counter. It's working she sees it and stops so slowly but surely it's working. My GF loves cats just for some reason my cat doesn't like her.


Try to have your gf put a toy in between her and the cat. That way she can try to get the cats attention to play with the toy, instead of her feet!:) Also see if the cat may accept some yummy treats from your gf's hand so she can see that good things come from her too instead of just from you. The spray bottle sounds good too for behavior like hissing but the rest sounds like play. Hopefully with time it will improve as the cat gets to know her and have good interactions with her too.


Staff member
Your GF might want to think about what products she is using in the shower. Certain scents can literally drive cats batty just like catnip. My cats go nuts for my hair rinse, they will attack my hair and inevitably bite my scalp if I don't keep them in check. And of course, anything used in the shower rinses all the way down to the feet. That combination of cleansing products and foot aroma may just be sending your kitty over the moon :)