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New pictures of, Sorte. F2 Male

Paul B

I haven't posted in quite a while. Just thought I'd come back and say hi. :) Here's a few new pictures of, Sorte.

20131113_200750.jpg 20131113_200741.jpg 20130930_202944.jpg 20130929_181533.jpg 20130528_184119.jpg

I took these pictures this morning... Lol!

20131114_102332.jpg 20131114_102504-1.jpg 20131114_102743.jpg

Went to go grab my coffee in the kitchen really quick. Maybe a 10 second round trip and this is what I came back to. Never leave the catnip unattended, lol! He had a great few minutes while it lasted though. :)


Savannah Super Cat
Sorte is looking great.

I can sympathize when it comes to catnip antics. One afternoon my first two cats figured out how to get on top of the fridge and coax the container from under the overhang. They then allowed gravity to open it for them. The entire kitchen floor was covered in nip and they were rolling about in it having a grand party. :big grin:


Staff member
Hey Paul, long time no see...Sorte looks wonderful! Thanks for posting and sharing...