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New Raw Food


Savannah Super Cat
Wow, it's pretty expensive. It looks like adds $2/lb to your food for the package of vitamins.

If you follow Dr Pierson's directions on her page ( ), if you are making chicken-based raw food, it comes out to a little over $2/lb. That's chicken, vitamins, everything.

I haven't tried making my own food yet. Just this week I took the first step and bought a commercial pre-packaged raw food from a local store (Rad Cat). Both my inside and outside cat ate it pretty much without a problem. Interestingly, my outside cat, who regularly eats birds and mice took a little more coaxing at first, but she's Way into it now.

So now I'm going to try to make my own from Dr Ps instructions. That wildkitty additive may come in handy for an 'intermediate step'. (After the grinder comes, but before I have all the vitamins). Interesting.


Staff member
Yep - i do my own raw ground at times, but sue rabbit. Neither of my darlings will eat chicken...they love rabbit...I add my own mixture of supplements using Salmon Oil, Seacure, Vit E, Raw egg yolks, seaweed powder, B Vitamins, etc.

right now I am doing Felines Pride (Rabbit) and adding a bit of duck for fat...this is for Taj..

Zuri eats mice and quail and soem of Taj's food when she feels like it.