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New Savannah owner

If I remember correctly, giardia can only be detected when the organisms are shedding eggs, and can easily be missed if stool is tested at any other time in the cycle. Giardia is also tougher to kill off - the dewormer I use is a normally a three day dose, but for giardia it is five days.

Defs treat Kebi, too, otherwise they can just keep passing it back and forth. Empty your litter boxes and bleach them, and do your floors/any place they spend a lot of time as well.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
The Giardia was just found Tuesday after 3 stool samples and a round of Drontal. If she was loaded like the vet said, I don’t know how it was missed. I need to find a new vet!!!
It depends on how they tested the stool samples. If they did a float and looked under the microscope that easily can miss things, but a Giardia snap test should have found it. Unless the giardia is actually recent...and secondary to something else that wasn't found. Has a PCR diarrhea panel been done?


Site Supporter
I have had Kebi tested also and she is negative for any parasites. I guess at this time it is a good thing they don't get along. The girls do not use the same litter boxes, they don't eat out of the same bowls, and they don't lay together. I have been bleaching Akila's box everyday, washing blankets everyday, and wiping everything that I can down. I have been keeping Akila designated to her own space in the house until I am sure she is parasite free. I also am giving her Forta Flora.

I don't know what kind of panel was done, but I will make sure to ask.

I know 2 days into this treatment ( 8 more to go ) Akila is eating better and acting more like a kitten:)Love 2Love 2