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New toy!


Savannah Teenager
After some adventuring on Shiva's part (including climbing blinds, lamps and drapes.. among countless other things, and falling In both the toilet one day and the tub while my husband took a bath another) we picked up a new cat tree for her... we have a very happy kitten



Staff member
What an acrobat! Glad she is so happy with the tree, hopefully that will keep her out of the toilet and tub!!!! :roflmao:

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
She looks really happy with her new tree!

Just be sure she doesn't learn to adjust your thermostat behind the tree...I can also see the box shelves on the wall to the left being used as extra climbing spots with the tree as a launching pad...;)


Savannah Teenager
We're keeping a close eye on the boxes.... she's already eyed them up once but has so far left them alone lol
I bought that exact same kitty tower at petsmart too. My Gwydion ripped those 2 hanging toys off of it the first moment he climbed the top.