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New X-large Cat-Tree-Condo

Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
That is one serious cat condo! You need a couple more cats to hang on that monster! :) It looks like you have the perfect spot for it to!


Staff member
I love the Amazon! Am looking at the mini...i would like one that works outside

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Staff member
Well here it is. Spent all afternoon yesterday putting it together. They numbered the screws but not the pieces of the tree so it took a bit to figure out what went where. As you can see, the tree isn't the best option for a large cat. Maliik the moose can sit on the platforms and fits on one of the hammocks but can't really cuddle in the beds. He can fit into the bottom house but oozes out of the top one. He is happy with it anyway because he loves he height -- 7ft. I've attached a picture from the manufacturer also. I decided not to put on the vines because my guys would have torn them to shreds.

Juba is not in the picture. He was napping in the house -- exhausted from helping put the thing together. He kitty-tested each piece as they were put together. km2.jpg Amazon-2T.jpg