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Newly learned behavior


Site Supporter
Puli has learned that I hide her wand toy under my pillow. Today (3 times) she turned off my power strip, shutting off my lamp, paper shredder, and answering machine. Then, she steals the toy.

River Ridge
West Virginia


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I had been hiding treats in a drawer in the bathroom.
They have figured out how to get into it.
The treats have been relocated into the hall closet.
I came home yesterday to a cat standing on his hind legs, trying to work the door knob open.

John Campbell

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Staff member
The latest game....jumping into my stomach from the headboard if the bed. Then zipping off as I grunt , "Oomph."

Sylvester used to do that for me... I called it his Super Pounce... The only problem is that he did it in the middle of the night with me in an absolute total sleep... Let me tell you... That will bring you wide awake in less than a mili-second...