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Nicknames you use with your felines - time to embarass yourself!


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I haven't spotted a thread like this in my title searches.

Both of my boys respond to their name when called no matter where they are in the house. However, when displaying affection I cycle through a great deal of names (more than I thought).

I'll go first and list out the nicknames I use with each. It's up to you to imagine how many (if any) are used with a baby talk voice! Ahem.

Anubis =
  • Nub
  • Nubby
  • Noobs
  • Nub nub
  • Nuuuuubis
  • Big 'ole Nub
Ra =
  • Sun Cat
  • Mr Ra
  • Raaaaaaaa (like Khaaaaaan!)
  • Shadow Cat
  • My Little Shadow
  • Little Prince
  • Super Kitten
  • Mr Super Soft
I feel better (?) now that these are all out in the open. :cautious:


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hahaha! GREAT thread - thanks Sunny! i will have to think about this and post later ;)


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Hahahah those are great!

I call Zeddie Mow Mow Wow, Boogity, Annie's Boobs (it's a monkey on the show Community that steals everything), and Psycho.


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Oh i love this!

Lotto (SV):
Lot Lot
Little boy

Widget (manx):
Nut job

Photo (b&w domestic):
Pretty girl


Savannah Super Cat

Princess Nyah
Nyah doo
Stinky cat
Crazy girl (seems a common theme with these cats!)
And when she is on the counter, Nyah Noel!

My horses have middle names, too, when they are bad; Picasso Eugene and Cecilia Louise. The chihuahuas are Sergeant and L.T . Sarge is sargie, wiggles, silly dog. He is only Sergeant when bad. L.T (lieutenant) is squiggles, puppy face, big dog.


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Loki is usually called Goofy or El Gato Diablo. Used to be Stinky until we switched to raw diet. After dinner it's Crazy Cat!


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Wouldn't you know it, I get home and start rattling off names and realize, I forgot to mention the most important and frequently used ones for Ra! Darn this thread.

Ra =
  • Pinky
  • Pinks
  • Pinky Stuff

    His ears, nose, paws, tush, skin are all this soft rosy pink color through and through. And, it's much like Pinky and the Brain with these two.
Anubis =
  • Black Paws
  • Fuzz'ums