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Night and day Tetsu got a bath


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I gave his brother Mokkun a bath about a week ago. Holy cat terrors. All types of fighting and
not wanting to get wet. He settled down when he found the face was not getting sprayed and wet.

Mokkun being cute.JPG

Not tonight Tetsu not one cry or jumping. He sat there and took his bath. The only time he cryed
was when I closed the shower door and told him it was ok to shake the water off. He never did
the water shake. Got him out and toweled him.

After I got him somewhat dry Bella starts to paw the door. I let her in and said do you want a
bath too? Needless to say she took off.

But normally Tetsu is a bath time fight. Go figure just like night and day this time.

I found a new cat clan photo to share with you all.
Happy Cats.jpg



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Tetsu is making up for his good behavior.
He is being a cat brat. So far he has pushed a clock off
the shelf and is working on the phone and along with that
he is hissing at his brother.



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Guess all he needed was a good nap. But before he got his nap this happened.
I was sleeping and it was about 4AM or so. There are some stuffed toys that
sit on the headboard. I was (key word is WAS) asleep when the largest item
on the headboard landed on my head. Tetsu was rooting around in everything.
The one good point is the phone did not get pushed off. So I had to get up to clear a
place for me to sleep in after that cat-tastorphy. One thing I found that did calm
him down was to remove his collar.

Oh well cats .