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Not eating well


Savannah Teenager

I'm hoping that you guys can help me with my kitty, Sarafina. She has always been an excellent eater, scarfing whatever is put in front of her, but starting yesterday she has turned up her nose at her food.

Timeline of events:
May 10-16: parents staying over at house, with schnauzer dog. This was stressful to the cats, but the dog was on a leash constantly and they grew accustomed. Cats seemed to eat just fine

May 17th: Sarafina didn't eat very much. I got her fancy feast gravy lovers, always my go to if there is an eating "hiccup." She wouldn't touch it. She was very active last night playing like crazy.

May 18am: I went to the store and bought starkist tuna, fancy feast broth, fancy feast appetizers, fresh pet select, even friskies and some fresh chicken breast... usually our treats for them. She snubbed them. I called the vet. They recommended small teaspoon sized portions. I did this and she ate about 4 tablespoons of friskies. I couldn't get her to eat more. As she was eating, any time that she would chew, she seemed to have a hard time, opening her mouth really wide. it almost seemed like she has a sore throat and it hurts to swallow.

She did lap up the broth and I was able to hand feed her about another 2 tablespoons tune (she wouldn't eat on her own). She continued to chew strangely.

She has been snuggling with my sick husband all day today.

Do you guys have any suggestions?



Savannah Teenager
Taking the sequence of events into account, I'd schedule a vet visit. Any chance she fractured her jaw?
I suppose anything is possible... she always plays rough

I did call the vet. We are dropping her off at 8am tomorrow. fingers crossed!! She has always been the EASY one. It makes it all the more disconcerting...


Staff member
I agree with Deborah - a vet visit is in order, and probably x-rays if he/she can't find anything wrong upon a physical exam. Fingers crossed that it is something simple and easily fixable!!


Savannah Teenager
I agree with Deborah - a vet visit is in order, and probably x-rays if he/she can't find anything wrong upon a physical exam. Fingers crossed that it is something simple and easily fixable!!
Thanks!! I'll let you guys know how it goes. On a good note, I did get her to eat a bit more friskies last night - just a tablespoon or so. But it took her forever to eat just that little bit


Savannah Teenager
Ok guys, the vet just called. They said Sarafina's gums were growing over her teeth on the one side of her mouth and that this likely was causing her pain, which made her not want to chew anything.

They did a complete blood panel which checked out fine. They also said she was well hydrated.

They are taking some urine directly from her bladder to check that as well.

So long as the urine comes back fine, they will send me home with some liquid pain meds. I was told that I'd be able to tell in a day or 2 if it is her teeth because she will start eating again. If this is the case, I'll take her back & they will extract the 2 teeth.

Thanks for all the support!!