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Not getting a lot of sleep!


And her brother Crazy !
We have 2 F4's one male one female about 6 months old. We have a hard time sleeping because are female F4 (Katniss) will wake us up anytime between 2am sometimes 4 am or 5:30am if we are lucky for the later time. We keep in the other bedroom. They have food water and there cat tree. Most of the time Katniss wakes up wants her wet food but also wants to be with us. Anybody have any ideas for this? Or will she grow out of this when she get's older?


Savannah Super Cat
We went from 5am to 7am... I guess that's improvement.... haha we found if we keep the boys up more after dinner they sleep better at night. We also found beds they love and they have 1 on each night stand next to the bed.

Sorry not much help but I treated ours like toddlers with figuring out sleep cycles nd such.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
We go through training every time we introduce a kitten into our general household. The kittens all think that the wee hours of the morning should be playtime and the playground should be our heads :-( So there's a few nights (sometimes a couple weeks) when I have to get up, throw out the kittens and any participating cats and get back into bed with the doors closed to them. Now I am usually awake by then (unless JN does it and then I can manage to drift back asleep) but I make it a point to lay there until it would be a reasonable hour to get up. They really do learn that this only gets them shut out of the room, and doesn't get them breakfast or play any earlier. Generally within a couple weeks they learn to sleep through with us, or they learn to go downstairs and play...


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu used to do that! I think its cause he came to me in WA from SC & was used to east coast time. So come 5:30 in the morning he was soo ready for his wet food! Forget the dry we had left out! haha It was really annoying.

I used to have to get up around 8 to get ready for work, so it was a real pain in the butt at the time. But then I switched to the morning shift & I have to get up at 5:30 so it worked out perfect. First thing I do when I wake up is feed him so his brain doesn't explode. lol


Savannah Super Cat
Yeeeep. Titus started out at 5:30 am too, but now he's bumped back to 7am. Which is perfect because it's when i get up for work(sucks on weekends tho). I think once your kitty learns the schedule it will be fine. Also, then you have a live alarm clock and when you oversleep by turning your alarm off on accident (whoops!) you kitty will wake you up!


And her brother Crazy !
Well we now leave bedroom door and thier bedroom door open at night and we get to sleep in to 430 until they come to play! We sure don't need our alarm clock anymore! Now Katniss let's us sleep but Crazy wants lovings NOW!!


Keljin had the same issue, he loved pouncing on me around 8am (I know that is not early sounding to a lot of you, but it is bad when you work nights) I found what Paige suggested to work best. I just gotta make sure to give him a good 30min or so play session to wear him out, then feed him as a reward for "killing" his toy. Then he is full and sleepy and stays with me all night. I found after establishing this new play/feeding schedule, he actually sleeps in with me til 11 or noon most days.


The best advice I can give you is yes they are like a 2 year old. You need to set a routine. If they have dry food, water and litter at all times then the wet food needs to be set a a certain time daily. My cats will throw a fit if they are not getting their wet food by 9-10 am. It takes time and they will adjust to your schedule.

Another post mentioned wearing them out. Sirius is the worst. So he gets wand, string time and also gets a walk. He will sleep for hours after his walk. We have a Dog lead (because he is so strong) for the yard and we stay out there with him when we do yard work and he will sleep for hours when he gets back into the house. Maybe you should try walking them with a harness. That will also take time and training if they have never done it. I am going to try to get my kittens I sell used to being on a harness. Good Luck.