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Nova is not feeling good



This morning I woke up to a horrid smell coming from Nova’s litter box.
It was like a punch in the face.
we cleaned his litter box Up stairs and then the ones down stairs.

As soon as we were finished cleaning the down stairs ones, he jumped in and had a brown diarrhea.
Some got on his foot, so the wife grabbed him, yelled for a baby wipe and asked me to bring him to his room Up stairs so she could fix the box again.
I brought him upstairs. As soon as I put him down he jumped into his large box and I closed the door and went down stairs.
The wife said she saw a small line of dark red - possibly blood in his mess downstair.
she went upstairs and found the room in disarray.
I don’t know how he did it, but not exaggerating one bit, when I say there was diarrhea half way up the wall and tracked across the room.
So into his crate he went while the room got disinfected.
He didn’t touch his breakfast, so I figured I would put a small layer of crunchies in his bowl.

At some point between 10 am and 4 pm he ate them. He was meowing at his usual dinner time so I gave him 1 tablespoon of his regular raw chicken Dinner.

He laid in bed most of the day resting, and when I brought his dinner up, he at about 3/4 of it.
About 10 minutes later, diarrhea again.

This time there was 2 specs of red in it, about the size of a pencil tip.
Everything else was brown again.
And he sounded gassy as he went.

Im really not sure what to do here.
Do we bring him to the vet for a day of Diarrhea?
He’s drinking water and we can tell he’s a bit fatigued.

Any suggestions?


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Will your vet let you just bring in a sample of the diarrhea for a Fecal Float and send out a Fecal PCR?? There’s a lot of things it could be, but I think that’s a good start. But any negative change in his demeanor or if he stops eating and drinking I’d definitely bring him in ASAP.

I’d also get some SBoulardii and start the emergency diarrhea protocol they have here:


Thats a good point!
and yes, the vet will.

Nova is an F3, and not the most cuddly character, unless it’s on his terms.
But yesterday as I went to check on him, he would be laying in the same spot on the bed until I or my wife would go in. Then he would come cuddle up to us and let out a few of his trade mark long meows.

There has been no diarrhea since yesterday!
My wife brought him up some raw chicken this morning - not very much more than yesterday, but we wanted to test his appetite.
He devoured it. Then I could hear him playing around with some of his toys.

I just went and checked on him and he seems like he is back to himself.
we are still going to keep him in quarantine from the other cats for today.
once he has a stool I will drop it off at the vet and hopefully get some answers.


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so I gave him 1 tablespoon of his regular raw chicken Dinner.
What other protein does he eat other than chicken? There should be at least 3 different proteins rotated in a raw diet which will help ensure that a food allergy doesn't develop from eating strictly one type of food.

I hope the fecal tests are negative and that the diarrhea doesn't recur.


oh jeez, I’m Sorry I didn’t report back right away.
So, the test was negative for parasites.
Thankfully the diarrhea cleared up fully by the next day, but his stool was still a little soft up till 2 days ago.

As for what proteins- He’s mainly on the Breeder Blend of commercial raw food.
That we also mix with a bit of Orijen kibble.
My wife runs a deli and brings him home Roast beef as a treat.

It’s mixed with beef tripe and organs.

We tried him on the Game Bird mix, but he wouldn’t touch it.


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He’s mainly on the Breeder Blend of commercial raw food.
One of the statements I repeatedly came upon when researching raw diets is that the meat/bone/organs should come from the same animal. What you're feeding is chicken but they use beef organs instead of chicken organs. This has the potential to cause an imbalanced diet over time. I spoke with Lisa Pierson ( about this a few years ago and she was adamant that the organ meats should come from the same animal as the primary meat. For instance, cats don't need a lot of liver. There's a significant size difference between a chicken liver and that of a cow. If the mix you use contains beef livers, there's the possibility that the cat is getting too much liver on a daily basis unless the company making your mix actually goes to the effort to ensure a proper balance. I'm not saying that what you're feeding is causing the problem, but it is something to think about if the diarrhea comes back in an intermittent or cyclical way. I just lack faith anymore in any company producing commercial cat food.


And we thought about the same thing.
we went out and spent the entire day going to butcher shops and supplement stores to get the stuff together to make our own.

have you ever looked in your freezer and saw that your animals have more food than you do? Lol


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have you ever looked in your freezer and saw that your animals have more food than you do? Lol
Ha, ha. We have one chest freezer, one upright freezer, as well as two fridge freezers for our beasts. And the lower part of the fridge is stuffed full of their thawed food. We feed whole prey. I had a catered party a few years ago and forgot to remove the cats' food from the kitchen fridge. The poor caterer nearly fainted when she opened the door and saw bags full of rats, quail, and bunnies, lol.


OH MY GOD! hahaha
Ya, I guess so!

But it would of been even worse if one of the guests opened the fridge and saw all that!