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Nylah's first birthday


Savannah Teenager
Nylah is a year old and continues to grow in size and character everyday. Summer arrived in Alaska as she has taken on the new hobby of mosquito and fly hunter (post bug hunt picture, face cleaning provided). We have done a few walks outside on the leash. She loves the sun porch that we only use in the summer. It gets hot in the afternoon and she loves napping in the 90 degree porch weather.

She also has adapted to our new puppy. She is no longer scared of him and enjoys every day she can make the puppy look foolish. Her favorite game is to get the puppy excited and have her chase her around the house. Then she will get a huge lead on him and jump up to the top of one of the chairs. The puppy loses track of her and continues to run in circles looking. She just watches from the top of the furniture.

She is an F5 and I don't expect her to get to large. I love her markings and her personality though.


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