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Nyx and Chessur

Amanda Hughes

Savannah Super Cat
My girls are getting bigger


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Reincarnated cat Moderator
Amanda, both of your girls are beautiful, but you Mel girl is just stunning. Great facial shape. :)

Amanda Hughes

Savannah Super Cat
Amanda, both of your girls are beautiful, but you Mel girl is just stunning. Great facial shape. :)
Thank you. We love how she has a face that seems reminiscent of a lion. I'm really considering showing one or both of them in July but I'd have to do research on what all the shows do and require in order to show.


Staff member
Your girls are such beauties!!!

Amanda, there is an entire sub-forum here on showing: In addition, I am a TICA mentor and am happy to help you decide when or if you ever want to show. You can email me directly at if you want to talk to someone directly about showing and getting your questions answered. I can also give you the links to join the TICA Mentors group (it is for mentors and mentees (y))