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Off limit area! Please help


Savannah Super Cat
Hello everybody, I need your help and advices.

Ayrad has a new obsession that I feared he would ever have, it's to jump in my music production workstation. I live in a loft style studio so he always has access to it since it's a one room living and working, Now he's violently jumping on it, keyboard, computer and studio speakers and I don't have to tell you that it' drives me crazy because there's no way I can move this out it's my daily workstation and it's very very expensive gears.

If there's anything I would care it's that. I don't care about scratches on furnitures or broken decorative things. Even thought he's very well behaved and religiously use his scract posts but my workstation is another thing.

So far he broke the blind behind the computer, he move the 27" iMac almost make it fall and he scratched my studio speakers jumping on them. :mad::(

He does that mostly when I'm away because I squirt bottled him everytime I caught him on it, so he smartly waits for me to go out then he use it as is playground.

My question is, is there anything I can do for keeping him away from that corner?
Any harmless detterent or anything I can use?

Waiting for your precious advices thanks everyone.


Savannah Super Cat
I think the easiest thing to do would be to build an enclosure around it to keep the cat out. You can make it nicer looking than the one in the picture. View attachment 10043

Thanks for the idea Deborah but this is technically impossible in my apartment and I don't really see myself working in a cage 15 hours + a day honestly haha
Unfortunately as much as I wanna laugh about it this situation is very stressful and every time I leave my place I'm thinking about it :(


Staff member
Too bad about the human enclosure. I envisioned it done in a very artsy industrial style to blend in to the loft. Your other option is to buy a kitty condo for the cat or even just a large dog crate with enough room for a litter bos. They come in all sizes. It wouldn't be healthy to leave the cat locked up for long periods of time but would keep your stuff safe when you're not home.


Savannah Super Cat
He has a 80" condos, seems like it's not enough for the little brat.

I think I'm gonna try a mix of scat mats and that movement sensor air blower gonna try to find it, gonna do some research to find the brand right meow I mean right now.

It might be a good idea. I definitely don't wanna leave him in a crate while I'm away it's a little extreme I would feel too bad for my baby... But I don't wanna say goodbye to 15K worth studio gears either lol So I'm gonna try to find the right solution.

Maybe if I cover the keyboard and the top of the speakers (Where he stays the most) with scat mats when I'm away I hope it's gonna keep it away from playing on it when he tries and also combine that with that automatic air blower. Maybe?

He really hates unexpected and sudden movement. Might work, gonna give it a try.

Thanks a lot Deborah and Tort518,
If anyone have other options thanks a lot


Savannah Super Cat
I found the air blower it's called SSSCAT :

And there's also another model Contech StayAway that sprays air + emit a ultrasound 2 in one.

And reading all the reviews for both seems like it works pretty efficiently.

I'm gonna order one even maybe two and see if it keep him away from the area.
Combine with a scat mats on the keyboard when I'm away and attach the iMac with velcro to the desktop.
Hope it will do the job
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Savannah Super Cat
I saw an episode or two of my cat from hell where Jackson uses the air blowers, forget what for, and it worked like a charm. Oh yeah one was for outside strays coming into the yard, causing their pet cat to spray inside. He placed a few where he thought they were coming in and problem solved.