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OMG Her S***t Stinks!!!

New S mom here. I now use a deep 66 gal. storage container my 5 month female F2 gladly uses loaded with Feline Pine. I get her poop outta there as soon as she lays it out because the smell is beyond vile! I wonder if there are products and/or systems that relieve my insta-scoop part time position in my own house. Thanks in advance!


Savannah Super Cat
Raw diet really helps alleviate the stinky poops, but it is quite a commitment to stick to...
I agree with what Patti said. Kovu had some pretty smelly poops, but once he got on a raw diet we can't even smell them.


Savannah Super Cat
I second the raw diet. Simba would stink up the whole house until I put him on raw. He poops so much less. One time he got into my other cats kibble (he can't eat raw) and a few hours later I could tell

Tina Kinsley

Savannah Super Cat
I'm thirding the raw diet. Not only is it less smelly, but it is just LESS, overall. My cornish rex maybe has two small poop pieces a day now; he used to take a giant poop at LEAST twice, usually three times a day, and OMG staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank. He doesn't puke anymore, either, and he was a pretty consistent vomiter on dry food and canned, regardless of brand. Not sure if your pooper's a puker too, but it's food for thought.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Chongo had similar issues when transitioning him from the raw food he was fed at the breeder to the canned food they had recommended. That lasted about a week until I bit the bullet and bought the necessary tools to get him primarily on a raw diet. He still gets some Royal Canin kibble as he's still a kitten for on demand food fed through a puzzle feeder.

He has never thrown up, has firm stools and definitely has no want of any sort of commercial cat treat. I won't say that it doesn't smell bad, but far from knowing when he pinched a loaf from a room away.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I've mentioned this before. Lime Mate Mist. Air freshener. It is expensive. But a few blasts and problem solved. And it lasts at least 3 normal cans worth. Comes in other citrus scents.