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One or the Other...

Trish Allearz

Well, we will have quite a dilemma in a few weeks over here! My stud boy is a wonderful, sweet buddy and I adore him- and therefore, I think he's earned his retirement about ten times over already! So we are hoping to keep one of Annie's boys back as a breeder :) One boy has the possibility of a black nose and one has a pink nose right now... Other then that- they are just cute-cute-cute! I will post pics of them as they grow on this thread so you can see and give me your input :) Right now- I only have pics (for sure) of the pink nose boy, Jace. Casen is the other boy :)


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Way too early to tell. Look at how the kitten Pam posted changed. I petted out one of Lia's latest boys as I wasn't happy with his ears, then about a week ago, boom up came the ears!

Trish Allearz

Oh- when Liam retires, he is going to retire. He is a treasure- and because he is a treasure, I think he deserves to spend most of his life as a pampered pet :) I looove this boy- and hope one of Annie's boys can follow him in personality :D

And yeah, totally too early to tell much of anything- so I figured I'd post pics here as they grow and ya'll can help me pick them apart. I'm also going to keep a kitten back from Vixen to show for a while- it's time I have SVs in the show ring with Cole!