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One Week!!!


Savannah Super Cat
Good Morning All,

I just need to express and say that one week from today, I will meet and bring home my new girl Mona (F4 SBT Marble).

I have been working double time to get her and have my stressed myself beyond belief and this weekend is my last photography session around my day job and then count down begins!!! This is the first time hubby will be joining me for this journey. He has never gone with me to pick up any of my babies but wants to go for her!

SO EXCITED.....can you tell? I still cannot believe this is really happening, she is so beautiful, I have attached one of the last pictures I got of her at 8 weeks. She will be 12 weeks Friday :)


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Savannah Super Cat
Karen, I can only imagine how excited you are! :)) Good for you! Congratulations! Love the name you gave her :)


Staff member
The last week was always the hardest for me. Each day seemed like a month. I hope your days fly by swiftly and that you and DH have a lovely adventure picking up your pretty marble girl.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Great looking cat! And uh...... I've seen that look before! You are in for a ride! Enjoy!!!!