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Opinions on Leto's planned diet.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Hello folks,

So I think I've just burnt out on reading about raw diet recipes and such. Here's what I was thinking, when chicken means rough and eventually cubed chicken thighs.

Each bullet point is a days feeding, not necessarily in this order. Maybe adding a chicken wing a day for raw bone beyond the sardine.
- Raw chicken, 1 egg yoke
- Raw chicken, 1 oz sardine
- Raw chicken 1 cooked egg white
- Raw chicken 1 oz sardine
- Raw chicken 1 egg yoke
- Raw chicken 2 oz sardine
- Raw chicken 1 egg yoke

And if there is a good price on lamb or bison I will throw in a little with the chicken. I read that egg yolks, beyond other goodness, can help with hair balls. The egg white and yolk will be soft boiled egg yoke one day and the white the next day or so. The sardine are store bought canned spring water no salt added (the ingredients say "Sardine" and "Spring Water") so if they are honest pretty basic.

I also was thinking this as a supplement "" any reviews or opinions are appreciated. I don't want to turn this into an advanced degree and I'm thinking of adding in a chicken wing (both tip and base) per meal.

Is adding the WildTrax overkill at this point? The sardines are 1 3oz can a week, they usually contain 3 portions a can.

Thanks in advance!
Leto's tummy and his happy servants!


Staff member
It is unwise to feed a single protein. Eventually the cat will either get tired of chicken or there is a potential that he will develop a food allergy to it. This recently happened to my Taji who refused to eat anything but quail for years and then developed Inflammatory Bowel Disease as a response. Poultry, especially chicken, are meats which cause the most allergic reactions in cats. There may also be allergic reactions to eggs.

Your proposed diet is completely unbalanced if you are not also feeding the appropriate amount of bone and organs. I honestly don't know if the calcium content in Wildtrax is sufficient along with the wing bone. If you are following the general rule for the total diet (per week basis, not necessarily per day):

80% meat
10% bone
5-10% organ meat with half of that being liver

then you should be ok.

Eliminate the sardines except as a treat a couple times a month -- too many worries about vitamin K synthesis and high levels of contaminants in fish. Eliminate the cooked egg white.

What will you do if he doesn't eat the wing bones? Chicken necks are a possibility. Egg shell powder is a great calcium substitute. See here for how to make it

Other meats to consider:
game hen
hearts (it's a muscle meat that often appears in the organ meat category.) Beef heart, turkey, whatever you can find.


It can be difficult to find a variety of organs. Asian and Hispanic markets offer some variety. Livers, gizzards, kidneys and hearts are found in most grocery stores.

Have you thought about a whole prey diet or combining a whole prey diet with a raw meat/bone/organ diet? It would be much easier to ensure proper dietary balance if you just tossed a mouse, rat, quail, whole chicken (they come in all sizes), or guinea pig on the floor and fed the other stuff 2-3 times per week. Depending on where you live, whole prey delivery can be quite expensive so that's why I suggested combining it with a meat/bone/organ diet. Even a raw ground diet is easier to balance. There are many recipes out there that tell you exactly how much of what to add.

I know you said you don't want this to turn into an advanced degree but if you are not engaged in the science of ensuring dietary balance, you won't have a healthy cat.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
That's Deborah, something to 'chew' on .. get it. ;)

I'm checking out some pre-packaged verities tomorrow. If not I'll see if I can find proper resources and weight the two against one another.

I think you had given me this formula for amount to feed daily.
However, a general guideline: feed 2-3% of body weight per day; kittens up to 6mos. -- feed 3-4x per day. To calculate ounces to feed: (body weight) x 16(to convert lbs to ounces) x .03. So a 4lb cat = 4 x 16 x .03 = 1.92 ounces/2 ounces per day.

I know most pets (Dogs mainly come to mind) will eat more if it's presented. But Leto has seemed to be very interested in more food after doing about 2.5 to 3% of body weight so I've increased his portions to 3% and a little more. I don't want to deny him if he's growing (1.5 years old). Any rule of thumb to tell if he's just being a big eater or does need more provided to him for growth spurts?

Thanks again! :)


Staff member
Definitely feed him as much as he wants. He still has a ways to go before he's all grown up. Another aspect to the general guideline is to factor in the activity level of the cat. So a super duper active cat may require 6-8-10-12% or more of body weight per day and a sedentary cat 2-4%.

Leto has approx 1.5 more years to physically mature. He'll start adding muscle mass this next 1.5 yrs. Feeding amount is trial and error when they're still growing even when using the % of body weight as a guide. Try doubling the amount you feed per day and see what happens. If there's consistently food left over after each meal, cut back a bit. If he eats all of it, increase the amount again.

All 3 of mine went through a major growth spurt at 1.5 yrs. and their appetites increased for a couple months and then declined a bit. My F2s went through another spurt at 3yrs old, much to my surprise, and packed on more rock hard muscle.

As a kitten, Maliik ate 3 lbs per day:eek:; he's down to 1-1.5 now at maturity thank goodness or I'd have to buy a lifestock farm to keep from going bankrupt. Maliik's weight at maturity varies between 22-24 lbs. My F6 ate 1 lb per day and now consumes barely a few oz. per day. His weight at maturity is 10lbs. Juba, my other F2, ate as much as Maliik and is a bit overweight at maturity at 17 lbs. He is not as active as the other 2 and has a stocky rather than long svelte SV body. Currently on a diet of 4oz per day, he is not a happy camper.

Daily activity and weather also play a part in how much they eat. When it's hot here, even the food addict Juba has a depressed appetite. We had a long hot streak last month and their appetites dropped off so much I was beginning to worry. Then along came a 3-day cool spell and they made up for lost time.

Long story just to say that using the guideline formula gives you some general parameters then you have to observe behavior and adjust from there. If he acts hungry, feed him:big grin: Sorry that I rambled.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Ramble away! Call it practical application! Tomorrow more on it's way... I fed him more this evening and he finished it off. Earlier he left a little. So we'll find what works.
Thank you again!


Staff member
You're welcome. You are to be commended for being dedicated to providing the best food you can for Leto. They make it easy, though, don't they? They get their claws into our hearts so easily and then we'll do anything to keep them healthy & safe. I wish I took as much interest in balancing my diet. My preferred food group is chocolate.:big grin:

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
LOL! Exactly, I don't put that much effort into my diet. Pam is a vegetarian so my diet has improved but now I have another meat eater in the house!!

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Hi again...
Thanks for all the info again Deborah! We found a store down the road in Huntersville that carries 'Blue Ridge Beef' products. Leto has tried the 'Chicken & Bone' and 'Kitten Mix' and loved both. I like the kitten mix cause it does contain beef heart and liver. But I want to keep a variety going so picked up some turkey and venison with bone. If he likes those we'll get some quail in there as well and keep them rotating. I'm getting some 'WildTrax' supplement for those days he doesn't eat the kitten mix. I'll throw in some yolks too for the benefits.

The cost of the BRB was really good just under $2.00lbs on average when I'm buying a few at a time. Just need to setup my assemble line! LOL

Oh, would you recommend any extra water in those? He's drinks pretty readily from his bubblier water fountain.

Thank you again! :)


Staff member
You don't need to add additional water. But sometimes the mix can get a bit gummy or thick (especially if you add egg yolk) and if he doesn't like the consistency, then add a bit of water to loosen it up. I'm happy to hear that you found something that he likes. And it's been a while since you posted pics of Leto (hint hint).

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
I know.. I have a TON.. some video links too! LOL Amazing how much time I now spend away from the computer... LOL :)