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Our bengal meets savannah.



2 Short get togethers-yesterday and this eve all seem good so far.The Mrs CC is the big poster she'll fill you in im sure.


Savannah Super Cat
Well, the first and second meetings between Cleo and Triton went sooo much better than we'd hoped for! :up: Triton had to initiate the meeting by sticking his nose in her unmentionables...dirty dog! :roflmao: I was surprised that Cleo didn't haul off and swat him, but she nonchalantly strutted away. He followed her around the room, and she kept a wary eye on him, :cautious: DSCN0972.JPG DSCN0974.JPG DSCN0976.JPG DSCN0977.JPG DSCN0978.JPG giving him a look that must have made him think twice, as he hunkered down near CC a few times for backup. He did a playful half pounce toward Cleo, and she put up her paw (no claws), and gave him a low, soft growl. She decided that she wanted to return the favor, and put her nose in his unmentionables; the little hussey! :lol: He didn't seem to mind one bit!

When I came home for my dinner break, Cleo and Triton were on their 2nd "date" in the family room. At times, one would be still, watching to see what the other was up to. He was having fun exploring under the rattan chair, and rubbing his cheeks on the cat pole. She stayed on the sideline, while he checked out the strap on the camera bag, then peeked at some pottery on the coffee table. Before long, they were touching noses, and pawing playfully at one another. No claws came out, and there were no growls, although, I believe that Cleo will always be queen of the house. I think these two are going to get into all kinds of mischief together! :)


Loyal Servant
Everything looks like it is going so well! I'm very happy to hear they are being civil and there have been infrequent or no issues for introductions.


Savannah Super Cat

It started out good today, but then we had a little glitch...apparently, Cleo thinks the entire play area belongs to her! :rolleyes: When Triton is playing at the other end of the family room, she's fine. The minute he heads for the nook, she's after him, nipping at his paws as he tries to climb the pole or the cat tree.


Staff member
Triton's marbeling makes my heart go pitty pat. He is stunning, stunning, stunning. And I love that Cleo is making sure the new kid on the block understands his place in the pride. She is obviously not impressed that he is a stunning cat.:p