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Our Big Boy Kebu

John Popp

Site Supporter
Kebu was laid to rest this morning. He was very lethargic, eating less and less each day and had resigned himself to stare off into space. He certainly had his share of medical and social issues, but he had been in fairly good health over the last year. His quality of life was just suffering tremendously, he really didn't want bothered with anyone and at 17 years of age he was telling us he had enough.

I don't think he has been happy much at all since his fun loving brother Jester passed a year and a half ago. Kebu always loved his brother, following him around and trying to accomplish similar feats. He never really could keep up with Jester, but he did have his own special tricks that we always applauded him for. He was a good boy, the Big Bear with coarse fur, the Big Bubbus always lumbering and I will miss him dearly.

Rest in Peace Big Boy.



Staff member
Awww...I'm so sorry John! Kebu looks like a wonderful boy and they do grieve for their mates in life..I just hate this part of sharing an animal's life as I somehow never get over it...with time, the pain dissipates, but the heart never forgets. RIP Kebu! No more suffering and now he can be with Jester and play again!

Joey Jordan

Savannah Super Cat
I'm so sorry for your loss John. I know how difficult it can be to lose a family member. There is comfort in knowing he is in a better place. And Paige is correct, the heart never forgets. RIP Kebu...

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
So sorry to hear that John.
Hope happy memories and knowing he was loved and had a good life thanks to you helps comfort you.

RIP Kebu.