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Our Cats' Love For Us


Savannah Super Cat
I've been MIA from this forum for a bit, watching from the sidelines. Some of you may know through Facebook but Rocco/Jaeger dislocated his hip last month after a particularly awkward fall. Unfortunately he had to be confined and supervised for the better part of the month as to avoid what seemed to me as an extremely drastic surgery. As my hours for work vary, I really had no choice but to have him stay at my mother's where I was sure he would have people to watch him 24hrs a day every day. I'll spare the details for another time, but the point of this thread was that while he was away I was afraid that he attachment to me would wane a bit. Last night I FINALLY brought him back home and OMG. It was moments like last night that remind me, and I'm sure everyone else here why we have Savannahs, why we love them so much, and why state to state restrictions on them seem so ludicrous.

Jaeger would NOT leave me alone last night, and he purred as loud as ever head butting me and hugging me. It's just amazing the amount of love you can really feel from these guys. I have to say, between Trish's Jaeger and Paige's Orion, I am so SO lucky. They are both such amazing cats with so much personality and so much love. Thought I'd share my random thought, here are a few pics of him last night not leaving me alone. :)


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Staff member
Nice to see you again Danny. Don't be a stranger. We are lacking current Orion pics. I'm happy to hear that Jaeger is recovered. Those pictures made me teary-eyed. You are so right about their devotion to us.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I have not talked to you before, Danny, but your picts of you and Jaeger made me teary eyed too. Love from a Savannah cat can be so sweet. :)
BTW, nice to meet you.


Staff member
Awww poor Jaeger, he so clearly missed you - what a wonderful reunion! He's getting BIG!!


Site Supporter
Of course, I hope that you won the lotto or something as I am not at all sure that Jaeger will let you ever leave the house!


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Awww...Jaegar looks soo happy! I am glad he is doing well and is home now! I'm sure Orion missed him as well!!!!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Danny, those pics are great and the video I saw earlier on FB were also very demonstrative of how happy Jaeger is to be back with his daddy... so very cool! You are a lucky guy to have Jaeger and Orion, two wonderful Savannahs from two really great breeders :)