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Our kitten has gas?

Masooma Ali

Savannah Kitten

We bought a kitten from and have never had a savannah before. She is at present 10 months old. We feed her the diet prescribed to us by the breeder; however, we have now noticed that in her 2nd or 3rd week with us she is giving off a lot of gas.

Is this normal? She doesn't seem to be exhibiting any other behavior such as vomit or upset stomach. For obvious reasons since she is an attention craver her flatulence is throwing us off.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


Staff member
Wait - is she 10 weeks old or 10 months old? If she is only 10 weeks old and you've had her for a few weeks already it might be that she was weaned a bit early before her digestive tract was ready to handle solid foods, which can on occasion lead to long term issues (not true allergies, but similar). A raw diet will usually clear up gas in a Savannah, but not sure you want to make that commitment. Instead you might want to try introducing plain boiled chicken with her dry food and see if that doesn't help.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
10 weeks old and already with you? It might be the stress of so much change so early in her life. Generally speaking, we cat breeders prefer to keep kittens until at least 12 weeks old...when they've had two vaccinations and are a little more ready for the real world. If this kitten is 10 weeks old and sounds like you've had her for maybe 3 weeks then she left home WAY too early!

Isn't Kitten 36 for older kittens? I thought RC Babycat was for them up to 3 months of age. That diet might be too mature for her I guess?

Masooma Ali

Savannah Kitten
We have noticed that her gas build-up occurred when we only gave her solid food whereas previously we mixed the diet with raw food (canned chicken with gravy or raw chicken breast). Based on what you have said I think we need to mix-up her diet again or have it go back to raw meat or canned meat until this clears up.

Once again thank you!