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Our NEW boy coming home soon! Stilgar!

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Hi guys,

So it's all official and our new F2B Silver boy 'Stilgar' will be coming home towards the end of Nov!! He is Leto's half brother, same daddy! We are SO SO excited and Leto will be a great Big Brother!

The name is also from the Dune books and felt fit, plus good and tough sounding. o_O

As mentioned in a previous post, Leto has been such a joy in the house a 2nd can only do more so. Plus we're looking forward to their antics together! And Leto will enjoy the addition as much as we will!

Could you resist this little face!! Impossible!
More questions to come of introductions.. feedings and such!!


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Savannah Super Cat
Congratulations! Bringing another in our home has been the best, Nyah just looks happier and it is a blast to watch them play. This is, of course, when Kovu isn't destroying something! ;)