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our new f1 Bengal "Kai"


Savannah Child
Picked him up yesterday, after a long day he was happy to get out of his carrier and into his room. image.jpeg image-1.jpeg

John Popp

Site Supporter
Whoa, that's a lot of cat! Keep us posted as to how things are going as I understand that early generation bengals can be a real load.

Perhaps Sue Armstrong can chime in as she used to breed bengals long ago and prior to breeding f1s. My guess is she's about as qualified as anyone to speaking about the differences between early generation Savannahs and Bengals.


Eddies a ham!
Tigger says "Hi", in a house full of fur I admit Tiggers' is the absolute SOFTEST! Congratulations on such a gorgeous boy!!!!


Savannah Child
They are a handful, I know personally. I grew up raising my moms f2.. And an f1 is like going to a whole different planet, he comes from a great breeder who has a real good rep with their f1's. But it's super high in wild blood, he's around 67%.. We are ready for it. Like any other wild animal, he is wild, and will always be. As cute as an f1 kitten can be, that is no prediction for when he grows a few years. His whole life will be a work in progress starting now