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Our new little one...



She won't be here until the end of March and yes, I know all about the breed's health issues... But Hubby grew up with one and loves them and I have become a bit smitten too...

No name yet...
She is a little beauty, Trish;>) I have never seen one with the coloration she has. You know I love it;>)Let me know when Ava delivers;>)

Trish Allearz

She's a nonstandard color- that's why you love it, Shelby! You are as bad as me! She's considered flowered- from what I understand, it is a coloration that has always existed in the breed, but is a recessive. Which is why I love it too- her color just POPS!

And yes, I will update about Ava babies. You know how nerve wracking it is waiting on these girls!