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Our other crazy pets!

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Paige! Fozzy is a funny dog, but his fur is so crazy! He doesn't shed much, but he needs to brushed so often....if not he ends up with And Holly is pretty funny too. The cats like her, and she seems to like them too....but they are only allowed to visit on the outside of the cage! lol not sure if I trust the cats with her... But she is pretty comical, and reminds me of a little dog half the time! lol But she can run pretty fast, and Fozzy is scared of her too! :) But then again Fozzy is scared of Shyla too, cuz all she does is growl at she walks past him. She's too funny. ;) They are all quite funny, just makes a more interesting, and fun household!


Staff member
Sounds like an awesome household, Michelle! Growing up with animals is so important for children, IMO! I grew up with Siamese, Great Danes, a boxer, a dobie, rabbit, ducks, lizrds, snakes and oh, yeah, a parrot ;) My father LOVED animals!!!

I was taught to respect all animals and take care of them and cannot remember a time I was without a cat, in particular...

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Wow, that's awesome Paige. When I was a kid we only had a dog and a cat. I wish I was around some more animals, because I still am unsure on how to pick up our bunny....she always kicks when we try to pick her up! She's very friendly, and will jump on your lap...but doesn't like to be picked up, and we don't want to hurt we let her jump on us on her She's is still quite young..her and Shyla are only two weeks apart in age! So they can grow up together. aww. :) Sounds like your household was real fun and rewarding as you grew up! I love animals...all kinds as well! Actually not too fond of snakes..but we do have a python as well that was my husbands before we met....and we still have it! eww:p, but I don't have to take care of that thing....that's on him! ;)