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Our other tigers :)


Savannah Super Cat
Hi all,

I thought I'd share with you a video of our Indonesian tiger fish at feeding time - he's a big boy about 22" in length and nice an fat :) the other big fish in the tank is also from Indonesia he is an Asian arowana also about 22" long they are both adults - the Savannahs will only be allowed with them under supervision but I think it will be an interesting introduction :) the vid is a bit dark but you can see what a monster he is when he goes for the pellets and also how he follows Steve around when he is feeding him enjoy :) Liz x



Savannah Super Cat
your SVs will go crazy for them, i had a indian ornamental Tarantula display that i had to get rid off as every small movement the IO made just wound up coco

Fish thats a different story, they will go crazy trying to get to them, the fish need a room of there own lol


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for the comments we like our pets big and exotic :) it will be interesting when we get the Svs and introduce them to the fish, the fish go mad if there's a moth in the room so it will be entertaining from both sides :) Fun times ahead


Savannah Super Cat
Hi coco yes our fish are easily separated from the rest of the house and can shut them away these are mostly pretty big fish and some of them can jump as well as a sv from the floor believe me we have chased a couple round the house on occasion :) we also have super strong lids on the tanks mainly to stop the fish jumping out but should also stop kitty's from getting in :)


Site Supporter
Our Savannah's have definitely gotten more than one fish, I have to admit. We have saltwater, and the kitties LOVE to watch the tank. Both D and Mickey have found (and attempted to eat) gobies that have jumped.


Staff member
Very impressive fish! I think I'm just as impressed at how clean the tank is - that must be a LOT of work! Question - what are the bottom crawlers, are those catfish? Also, how the heck do you measure a fish?! :confused:


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Patti,

The maintenance of the tank is actually easier the bigger it is - anything nasty is much more diluted - as you can see we don't have a problem with uneaten food which is a major issue in keeping a tank clean - we have a huge filter and also as the fish are big when we do a water change we just use an 1 1/2" hose and syphon it off into the garden ( great for the lawn too ) we have holding tank for the replacement water and use a pond pump to pump it back in the whole thing takes a bout half an hour one or twice a week.
There are a couple of catfish in there but I think you mean the snakelike fish . They are an African species called Polypterus and haven't changed since the dinosaurs were here :)