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Our Turkey Hater Posse

John Popp

Site Supporter
Silly me, after making the whole chicken raw food the other day, I substituted half the chicken organ meat with turkey organ meat. The cats did fine with it for a few days, and now they are all pawing their nose at it. Of course Trish told me the older two didn't like turkey when it came out of the can so it came as no surprise to her.

So I'm not really wild about the prospects going forward, but we are going to play a little bit of Daddy hardball about eating the stuff unless someone can convince me otherwise. I mean it's more than 90% chicken just like always, just that little taste of turkey which obviously I won't be making again. At the same time, I can't in good conscience discard more than 20lbs of food because there's a conspiracy amongst the 3 of them.


Staff member
Good luck with that John! Just remember, if a cat doesn't eat for a 2-3 days it can get incredibly ill and even die from hepatic lipidosis.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Hi Patti, I guess I should have said eating it sparingly. The little one will eat about half of it after devouring what was a half day supply of his on demand kibble, and the older two will just eat a quarter to a third of what their normal servings are. Not as if they aren't eating at all, but clearly they are in protest because they just don't like the turkey.

So just as word of caution to others, if you're going to try turkey with your cats, try doing it in a much smaller batch than 20+ lbs.


Savannah Super Cat
lol Sounds like Kovu. If you mix anything (& I mean ANYTHING) else into his rabbit he knows, and he will refuse it. I had 2 bags of Venison and Lamb that I ended up giving to my cousin to feed her dog because I didn't want it to go bad, but I mean, if he's not going to eat it then he's not going to eat it.
Have you thought about donating it? Maybe the Humane Society has a cat on raw?

John Popp

Site Supporter
Well, Chongo ate all of his, Pixie ate half of hers and Kebu picked out his favorite dental crunchers and ate about a 1/4 of his. If Kebu doesn't start picking it up by this evening I'll need to get a plan b, although the other two are showing me that they'll be able to hold their noses long enough to make it through.

Definitely making note of this and won't be switching anything without a trial flight first in the future.