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Outdoor Protection



Over the last 6 weeks or so, Louie has slowly been acclimatized to the great outdoors, to the point now, that he no longer lingers near my home, but ventures AWAY from his domain. The adventures last no more than 30 minutes, and are about 5 days/week, weather permitting. He has also taken to climbing trees, to the extent that he can get his forelegs around them, in pursuit of squirrels and birds. This is accomplished with a figure of eight harness, a short leash, and a spool of stout kitchen twine. I carefully control his progress up trees, and "check" him if he gets above, say 10 feet. If he gets beyond my reach, I gently get him back to ground level.

All of this takes place on mowed grass, in an area of about 5 acres, with scattered trees of all sizes and ages. His progress gives me great satisfaction.

In the last few days, I notice small spots of dried mucous in the inner corners of his eyes, exactly like that seen in humans upon waking, although his is black. I attribute this to the seasonal change and the decrease in my home temp from summer ambient of 78, to fall ambient of 68. This has been no cause of concern for me, so far. If any expert opinion on such, then input is appreciated.

He was immunized for FVHLP (?) as well as rabies. Is there anything else that I should look into. He never has contact with other animals in his sojourns. There may be feral cat feces, as well as deer feces in the area, but he never lingers in one spot long enough to indicate interest in either. I am never more than 50 feet from him when the tether is fully deployed.

What kind of flea and tick protection would you recommend?


Savannah Super Cat
The eye gunk could just be a minor allergy to something outdoors like pollen, ragweed, or leaf mold.

Glad to hear Louie is enjoying his great adventure outdoors. :)


Staff member
As long as he isn't sneezing, coughing, or having a runny nose I wouldn't be too worried about the eye gunk. I don't personally have a flea or tick problem but I've heard that Revolution is a good product.


Do flea/tick collars work?
I was thinking of putting one on him when he's outdoors, and taking it off with the harness indoors. Most of the products seem to be killers, and not repellents. I'd prefer repelling them while he's outside, rather than having to deal with killing them if/when he ever gets infested.

He has no symptoms, like scratching. His coat is healthy. He hardly sheds, at all. He doesn't sneeze or cough, and his nose is not dry. The eye gunk was less today than it has been.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I agree with Patti as Revolution addresses more potential parasites the Advantage Multi. I believe both are prescribed so check with your vet first to see what they offer.

Collars are largely inconsistent and I have had occasion where they didn't perform, prior to the availability of topicals like Advantage or Revolution.

Also, Revolution and advantage are a preventative measure not a remedy so having them applied prior to infestation achieves exactly what a flea collar is supposed to do.


Savannah Super Cat
It could be something as simple as dirt getting in his eyes due to his outdoor forays.

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Animal Communicator
Just be cautious using flea/tick collars. I have seen them damage the skin around the animal's neck pretty bad. Revolution is still chemicals, but it doesn't affect them nearly as bad as the store-bought collars.