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Outside cat meds


Savannah Super Cat
Hi for those of you who allow your SV's outside(on leashes and enclosures of course), what flea/tick meds do you use? Do you also give them meds for worms and the like? And if you do, what product do you use? Is there any other meds a cat allowed outside would need? Thanks!

Per Lausund

Staff member
I would definitely make sure they are treated with a dewormer (remember to include tapeworms!) and an anti-tick. How often you need to treat varies with where you are, you need to ask your vet about this. Remember to treat other cats in the household, too, even if they do not go outside, once one is in contact with the world the rest are as well!
I routinely treat indoor cats as well, but usually only one or two times pr year, and females before mating.


I also use Revolution, which works on fleas, ear mites, and certain worms, including heart worms. No heart worm test is required prior to initiation as in dogs.