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Outside strays



Along with 2 of my own i take care of 3 outside strays that were feral.I got 2 of them so you can pet.The 3rd has 1 eye gone and is very skidish.A few weeks ago 1 eye came here with most of the side of his face tore off and looks like the good eye had the lid missing.He hung around a week and i gave him antibiotics.He left again came back again and his good eye is in bad shape.Im in ohio and its very very cold here'I made a insulated house and am doing what i can(meds food shelter)I called around but nobody really cares.I think of him out there and all he has been thru and im just sick to my stomach all day long.I know what needs to be done but cant bring my self to trap him and take him in to be put down(i feel he is in that bad of shape) but i feel just as bad leaveing him out there,i know he is about blind now.I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!


Staff member
How very sad. Are you able to continue giving him the antibiotics? Is the shelter warm enough for him? I don't know what you insulated it with but straw works really well. I will pray that he will somehow pull through, otherwise that you will have the strength to do the right thing when the time comes...


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Sounds like you have done everything you could and this cat is lucky to have you.

It is very sad :(

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UGH this makes my stomach turn and heart sink like a stone.

You're not just doing this for him, but for you too. If you are on good terms with your vet I would arrange them to have a checkup on the side and see what kind of damage is there and if there's any chance at a normal life.

It may be tough to find him but he's likely alternating between safety spots, your porch and his little house and somewhere else nearby but it could be multiple houses down in any direction. Trying to approach him would only spook him, so outside of your immediate place warrants a search. He may have found a resting place real close by that's less yours and more to his liking. He probably won't stray too far from primary food source.

How old does he appear, knowing that ferals are likely older in appearance given the hard existence?