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Outside time, panting

So we have been taking Sorte outside in our back yard during the evening when it's cooler. He loves the time out there, and of course it's one more thing he cries about to do now. What I wanted to find out is if anyone else's kitty pants a lot when wanting to go outside? He will also pant for a good 20 minutes after being outside even if he didn't play hard or get hot. The cry for wanting to go outside is much louder than most of his others for food or play time and more consistent.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Not sure but maybe he gets himself worked up a bit when wanting to go outside and that is why he is panting? Normally mine would only pant if exerting themselves a lot. Is Sorte the one that had a heart murmur? Please excuse my bad memory!
Yeah, he paces a lot, so I guess that is getting himself worked up. The vet said she believes he doesn't have a murmur, she hears it once on vet visits, then doesn't a minute later. She said it's easy to cause something that sounds like a murmur, but it really isn't.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Well I couldn't remember specifics... but thought I remembered his face in your avatar :)

True on the murmur thing, there are multiple causes and not all are bad things. And they can also grow out of things, small holes in the heart closing up with growth etc.


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu pants a lot when we have him outside in the heat too. Thats usually about the time I go inside & turn on the a/c to let him cool off. :) I've noticed he pants a lot too after playing around with Sarabi. Those two play so rough! But usually its him getting bonked in the head with her paw. :)


Staff member
Paul, Taj starts panting outside as well now, but it is very hot, so I don't take him out right now...seems the walking jacket just makes him hot...


Site Supporter
I have a few cats that go outside. They do pant if its hot. I don't usually see much panting after dinner. Also, my daughters cat will sit at the door and bark for hours to go panting but lots of barking :)
Yeah, I wait until it is cooler during the evening to take Sorte outside. I had him in the sun once and he lasted about 5 minutes outside with his black walking jacket. I think a lot of it is like what Brigitte said, he gets really worked up wanting to go out. He loves bounding through the grass now though. I wish there were more bugs back there for him to chase. He only gets a fly every so often, nothing exciting. If he really runs around he will pant quite a bit after, but that's understandable. Thanks for the input everyone as usual. :) I love getting to see this new side of him, playing in the "wild". Lol!


Site Supporter
I was searching for info on this. We have 2 cats that have gone out for years with little or no panting , even when its really hot out. Our SV pants as soon as he gets outside. I wasn't sure if this could be related to lung issues from difference of gestation times. He is strong and healthy, and no panting when he comes back in. He does go directly to the tile floor, so I know he is trying to cool off.

Any ideas?