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Owners opinions (video inside)


Savannah Child
Ii've been looking for a f2 for awhile now. And being that f2's are not always known to be friendly to everyone, I want to ensure the one I get is very affectionate and enjoys being pet. And not affectionate like just being within a few feet of their owner or loves playing. I mean enjoy rubbing his head on you and loves his head scratched etc. I received these videos from Select exotics saying this boy is friendly. But I would love to know everyone's thoughts. Are my expectations too high for these cats? Are most kittens the same and don't show much affection yet? Any advise would be appreciated!



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There are quite a few members here whose cats come from Select Exotics. They can tell you how social their kids were when they arrived and now.

The difference between a Savannah kitten that has been properly socialized and one that has not is HUGE. Those first 12 weeks are critical.

SV Dad

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I've had experience with five F-3's and one F5 from SE. Only one of the F3's was a bit challenging, and he really did get along well with my son.
Currently I have 3 F3's that I call the Commando Gang. All are descendants of Commando. The avatar is that gang. All , F5 included, will greet me at the door. They all love a head skritch. These are no hidden cats, as in guests never see them. They are out and about, sometimes obnoxiously, when we have friends and family over.
I know you are looking for a F2, which I have never had. The two little ones in the Avatar have a theoretical 22%, close to F2 territory. I would say there is a touch more persistence in those two over Mayhem ~17% (all things considered!)
I hope you read up on Savannahs. They have a wide range of character. My F5 is the only cat I would call a lap cat. All the others show their affection in different ways. Head bumps are high on the list. Side swipes on the side of the legs while passing by are another. It took 5 years for the departed Rascal to really develop a serious affectionate attitude, not saying he wasn't a charmer from the start. It has been reported that the ultimate endearing memories take a few years to fully develop.
Obviously I have been to SE quite a few times and Holly knows me well. I made specific preferences about what I was looking for, and Holly said she wanted to wait a couple of weeks to make sure a specific kitten would meet my expectations. This cat is over the top in character (R2 or Rascal Two officially). He has very big paws to fill in respect to his namesake. He's well on his way to achieving it already at 20 months.
Show the cat love and respect, and you'll probably have the best cat of your life.
I've had a lot of shelter cats in my life, but Savannahs are in a league of their own. Sure, you'll read this and say all cat lovers say these things about their cats regardless of breed. Maybe so, but I absolutely state these are the best cats of my life. A whole bunch of new servants have posted, OMG! you folks weren't kidding! Odds are high, you will be amazed. And you may note... many servants become multiple Savannah servants in a short time. Just don't ever think you are the boss. You're not from the word go!
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I want to ensure the one I get is very affectionate and enjoys being pet. And not affectionate like just being within a few feet of their owner or loves playing. I mean enjoy rubbing his head on you and loves his head scratched etc.
No sane breeder would ever guarantee the personality of a cat they bred just as they can't guarantee what size their cats will grow up to be. Breeders can tell you what past kittens have been like at maturity from the same parents as the cat you acquire but that's about it.

Early socialization is crucial but many things can happen along the way to adulthood that can change the personality of a cat. We've seen SVs who were sweet as sugar while kittens and then became less social and there have been unsocialized nightmare kittens who have, with a lot of patience, turned into love bugs. Kittens will change as they mature and there's no real way to predict the effects of nature/nurture on the final outcome.


Savannah Super Cat
Lox is from SE and 59%, he came very socialized but of course with fuego! When I picked him up at the airport, the handler was terrified from the sounds he made He instantly walked out of the carrier ready to play as soon as he was home.

Turns out he is just a talkative boy. If he has to have interaction without mom/dad telling him it is ok, he will growl and hiss. He's never tried to hurt anyone, his sounds are just more animated than others.

If we are there (which this is rare it is not), he has confidence and rubs up on the stranger in the house.

When I had my scare with Loki's obstruction, Dale and Holly were also there to help. I really enjoy them as a breeder. I really think they care about their kittens and the homes they go to.

It also helped the socialization with me taking him to my office the first six months of his life. He puts up with quite a bit.

I feel like he went through some terrible twos where he wanted nothing to do with me or my husband, but he is almost three and pretty cuddly for him. Aka - he lays on the bed on top of my leg every night. I absolutely adore and love him.